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Q-Connect Lint Free Absorbent Wipes (Pack of 20) KF04506 Pack of 1 The team behind the scenes at Q-Connect has once again formulated an item which is not just handy, but one which also has the potential to make a real difference to surface mess and cleaning requirements. This pack of easy to use and wonderfully effective microfibre and absorbent wipes comes in a g...
(55.61% discount)
Inc Vat £2.99
2Work Spray Duster 400ml DB57167 Pack of 1 Standard Air Duster (Used on outer case only, for inside lens cleaning please refer to the camera/video manufacturers guidelines) Powerful air dusters for cleaning hard to reach areas of office and electronic equipment as well as photo and video cameras Contents: 400 ml Non-flammable pressurised...
(30.76% discount)
Inc Vat £29.87
2Work All Purpose Wipes Tub of 100 DB57002 Pack of 1 100 moist cleaning wipes for plastic surfaces in a refillable dispenser tub Ideal for computer stands, desks, keyboards, workstations and other office peripherals
(14.11% discount)
Inc Vat £5.99
2Work Power Foam All Purpose Cleaner 400ml DB57168 Pack of 1 2Work Power Foam All Purpose Cleaner is a versatile and multifunctional cleaner designed for office cleaning. With the ability to clean a variety of different surfaces, this 400ml canister is perfect for use in all types of office. The non-drip foam formula is longer lasting and more cost effectiv...
(23.28% discount)
Inc Vat £5.22
Q-Connect HFC-Free Air Duster 400ml Pack of 1 Keeping your surroundings clean can be an arduous process, but with this air-duster you have an easy way to clear accumulated dust from even the hardest to reach areas. Featuring an easy to use nozzle, this product is perfect for getting into little nooks and crannies that traditional dusters simpl...
(67.14% discount)
Inc Vat £6.95
2Work XL Cotton Bud (Pack of 100) DB50346 Pack of 1 Cotton Buds Suitable for use with cleaning fluids and foams White Packed 100
(26.83% discount)
Inc Vat £6.35
Q-Connect Computer Cleaning Kit Pack of 1 To make sure that your laptop is at its best, you really need this Q-Connect cleaning kit. This kit provides you with everything that you need to ensure that the keys, screen and chassis of your laptop are looking brand new. The air duster, screen cleaner and wipes generate clean results.
(37.68% discount)
Inc Vat £14.27
2Work Invertible Spray Duster 200ml DB50462 Pack of 1 Invertible Air Duster Designed to remove dust and dirt from computers and electrical equipment HFC Free 100% Ozone safe Size: 200ml
(22.72% discount)
Inc Vat £19.43
2Work Office Cleaning Kit DB50554 Pack of 1 Ideal for the workplace, this 2Work office cleaning kit contains a screen cleaning tub, a multi-purpose super cleaning tub and a telephone cleaning tub. Each tub contains 100 wipes, which are pre-saturated in an alcohol free cleaning liquid, designed to remove grease and dirt, and eliminate germs.
(19.03% discount)
Inc Vat £15.83
2Work Dry Clean Wipe (Pack of 50) DB57165 Pack of 1 These lint free, highly absorbent dry wipes are specially designed to work in tandem with 2Work cleaning fluids and foams, for streak and mark free cleaning with every use. They are designed not to scratch or damage your equipment, meaning that they can be used on sensitive surfaces, such as comput...
(25.43% discount)
Inc Vat £10.31
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