May 12, 2022

Hot footed Natalie!

Many of you may know our lovely driver and sales administrator Natalie, however, we wanted to spread the word of the wonderful charity work she takes part in outside of work.

Her next challenge for charity is on the 14th October and is sure to set temperatures rising, as she walks bare foot over red-hot wood embers measuring up to a fire-blazing 800 degrees! Natalie is taking on this sole scorching challenge as part of a Kemp Hospices fund raiser event, along with 99 other brave "soles". Natalie will be given training and guidance to safely undertake this thrilling event.

If you have no burning desire to take part this time, spectators are welcome to watch safely behind the barrier on the 14th October at the Severn valley railway, King and Castle Pub car park in Kidderminster.

If you can and would like to support Natalie, all donations and support will be gratefully received through her JustGiving Page below…

In case you aren't already aware Kemp Hospice are based in Kidderminster, offer specialist care and support to patients, families and carers who are dealing with life limiting illness and bereavement. They help people to maintain their independence or support them with changing abilities. Allowing patients to live their lives to the full as long as possible.

This isn't Natalie's first feat, she has also previously taken part in the "Pretty Muddy Challenge", several Santa Runs and a Sky Dive, all in support of local charities such as Kemp Hospice, as well as Macmillan.

We look forward to letting you know how she gets on in October and will keep you posted of any future fundraisers Natalie is supporting!

Keep up the good work Natalie, we can safely say you are braver than any other members of the Peter Handley team!


April 30, 2022

Why not start the new month of May with a clean slate and start new habits! Make sure you are regularly cleaning your work space - as after all a clean desk gives a clear mind...

A clean and clear work area has been proven to boost productivity in the work place.

1. For best results make sure you clear your desk top of all items.

2. Wipe down surfaces - including your telephone and mouse with recommended anti bacterial wipes.

3. Use air dusters to clear away any crumbs in your keyboard.

4. Feel better, work better!

If you still don't feel inclined to give your desk a wipe down, then did you know the average desk is home to 400 times more germs than a toilet seat! Think how many of have a working lunch - if this isn't food for thought then we don't know what is!

You don't have to stop there to feel clearer minded and more organised.

To benefit your working lifestyle. Other tips include organisation of any tech cords and cables, plus organising desk drawers and paperwork.

Ask us for advice on products to help you get started and feel ready for the new month ahead!


March 24, 2022

How many of us can honestly put our hands up and say we spend at least 2 hours of our working day on our feet. For some of us – it’s probably a lot more, but depending on your occupation it could be a struggle!

So why is it important to limit the amount of time sat still at our desks and what's the solution without interfering with our already busy working day to leave the desk?

How about Active Working! Our sit-stand desks offer just that!

A sit-stand desk allows you to position your desk between the optimal ergonomic positions, from seated to standing with the press of a button! It has been proven that frequently changing your posture and taking opportunities to move away from being seated at your desk will maintain the metabolic activity that breaks down fats and reduces blood glucose levels. Movement also helps you to keep good posture and reduces muscle fatigue. It is suggested that every one hour seated should be followed with 20 minutes on our feet. As this becomes a habit to our working day we should see improvement within general health and wellbeing, as well as business efficiency.

This feature can also be added to your current desk with a desktop stand that gives the same rising function of the sit-stand range.

Flexibility and functionally without affecting the working day - bringing personal and business benefits seems a no brainer!

You can find a range of sit-stand desking here - Click Here »

If you would like to discuss further or have any queries on how the sit-stand desk could benefit you or your colleagues please do not hesitate to contact us on 01299 871369.


March 11, 2022

Cost Effective Clever Cleaning from Eco Clover – From Only 3p per Bottle With costs rising everywhere we turn – here are some handy tips to keep your cleaning costs low, without compromise.

Using the correct dosage and dilution results in high quality cleaning from as little as just 3p per 600ml bottle! As well as saving costs, this approach also minimises environmental impacts.

To help you get started on your cleaning cost saving journey you will receive a FREE Trigger Spray Bottle with any Clover Eco Cleaning product you purchase from our current offer range.

Here's an example to highlight just how cost effective this cleaning method is, and the long term savings for your bank account and the environment that can be made!

Purchase Clover Eco 460 All Purpose Cleaner – CC72115 – 2 x 5L Bottles at £35.89

Use the recommended dilution rate of 1.5% to dilute 9mls of Clover 460 in a 600ml trigger spray at ONLY 3p PER BOTTLE. Therefore each 5L bottles will provide a whooping 555 x 600ml Trigger Spray Bottles!!!

Now that's some clever cleaning!

At the same time ensure your COSHH Assessment is compliant, as we also provide you with the required labels for the trigger spray bottles as well as all COSHH product information.

If the above is something you would like to discuss further speak to our Sales Manager Gemma, who is currently taking appointments to assist with cost saving and compliance.

Clean up with Eco Clover!


February 24, 2022

Max our office dog, affectionately known as our meet and greet/receptionist!

Max is Managing Director Pauls’ loving 10 year old Black Labrador and he is the first of us to be greeted by most visitors! Max equally is the best at welcoming our customers, once customers have got their furry fix he then kindly and professionally passes them over to us to assist. He’s certainly very well trained and a top member of staff.

So, what are the benefits of having an “Office Dog”? Recent statistics show that 70% of people say that dogs alleviate stress in the workplace, 67% think they make an atmosphere more friendly, and over half of us say that dogs improve morale and job satisfaction.

I personally would agree with all the above. To see customers come in just to say hello to Max kindly bring him gifts at Christmas, the taking point he creates, as well as the opportunity for customers to speak lovingly of their own pets is all wonderful to watch and be part of.

Max is certainly a big part of this family run business! Do you have an office dog? We’d love to see and let Max say hi! Why not post a pic to our facebook page (

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